Mayor Walsh announces citywide trash and litter pickup program

New program supports Onondaga County “Save the Rain & Connect the Drops”

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Mayor Ben Walsh today announced the creation of a new Clean-Up ‘Cuse Adopt-a-Block trash and litter pickup program for neighborhoods in the City of Syracuse. The program will recruit and coordinate organizations, businesses, school groups, and individuals to conduct trash and litter cleanup on a year-round basis.

“We have a beautiful city, and we need to keep it that way all year long, “ Mayor Walsh said. “When the snow melts, it’s easy to see how quickly trash and litter can get the best of us. I’m asking people across the city to join the Clean-Up ‘Cuse Adopt-a-Block program and commit to keeping our neighborhood free of trash and debris throughout the year.”

Participants in the program agree to clean up litter in at least a two-block area for a minimum commitment of two years. The Adopt-a-Block program asks participants to conduct formal cleanup efforts on, at least, a monthly basis and to clean up trash and debris on an “on the spot,” as needed basis. The city will provide garbage bags and other supplies. Adopt-a-Block participants will notify the Department of Public Works when and where trash bags are ready for pick using the Cityline system.

The Clean-Up ‘Cuse Adopt-a-Block program will support Onondaga County’s efforts to keep litter out of our sewer systems and ultimately Onondaga Lake. County Executive Joanie Mahoney announced the Save the Rain & Connect the Drops program as part of an initiative between the county and OCRRA, which promotes the reduction of litter in the county and specifically aims to block trash from entering the community’s waterways.

“We all have a stake in keeping our streets and neighborhoods clean. We see them every day,” said County Executive Mahoney. “Onondaga County’s Save the Rain & Connect the Drops effort is about making the connection between keeping litter off our streets and out of our sewer systems and keeping Onondaga Lake clean. We welcome Adopt-a-Block and everyone’s help in keeping trash out of our local waterways.”

The official kickoff for the Clean-Up ‘Cuse Adopt-a-Block program will take place citywide on Saturday, June 2, but participants and city residents everywhere are encouraged to get started right away. Details on the kickoff will be provided in mid-May.

In announcing the program, the mayor and county executive were joined by individuals and representatives of local organizations and businesses that have already signed on to participate in the program. The city encourages individuals or groups of neighbors to join together and take responsibility for blocks where they live. To join the Adopt-a-Block program, participants can sign up online at

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