City urges residents to follow alternate side parking requirements or park off street; clear snow on sidewalks and around fire hydrants

Information on the City’s snow practices is available online at

More information on Snow Safety Alerts can be found at

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh issued a city of Syracuse “Snow Safety Alert” on Friday afternoon, as a large winter storm descends on the Northeast. With the possibility of snowfall total exceeding 14 inches by the end of the day Sunday, the Mayor urged Syracuse residents to observe all parking requirements on city streets to allow snowplows to clear the roads; remove snow from sidewalks on their properties and around fire hydrants on their streets; and observe all local weather and travel advisories. More information on Snow Safety Alerts and other City snow response practices is available at

“We appear to be in for a sizeable snow event. Our Department of Public Works crews, with help from other departments, are doing everything they can to be prepared,” said Mayor Walsh. As a community, we need to work together to ensure that when it is safe to travel, people can get where they need to go.”

“Our team has been preparing for this storm for the past 24 hours. All available trucks and equipment are ready and will be in service,” said Jeremy Robinson, DPW Commissioner. “Beginning Saturday, we will have crews out clearing the streets on an around-the-clock basis until at least Tuesday morning, or longer, if the conditions require.”

The Snow Safety Alert provides three important reminders to city residents to help keep roads and sidewalks passable:

 1. Observe alternate side parking rules and park cars off street whenever possible. DPW plows need to be able to access streets to be able to clear them. Syracuse Police will be ticketing and towing vehicles that are illegally parked.

 2. Property owners are required to clear snow from sidewalks on their properties and around fire hydrants. Keeping sidewalks as clear as possible during the storm and cleaned up immediately after the snow ends allows pedestrians to stay off roads. Syracuse Fire Department asks residents to clear a three foot area around and a path to fire hydrants near their property.

3. Report problem areas on the Snow Safety Tracker on CityLine. Residents can make online reports via CityLine of locations where sidewalks are un-shoveled and where vehicles parked on the street will make it difficult for snow plows to pass. Data collected will help the city develop long-term solutions for a more targeted response.

City residents can also call Cityline at (315)448-2489 to report other snow related concerns or to make service requests. Call 911 for emergencies.

“Syracuse is used to heavy snow and cold temperatures, but this looks to be a very serious storm followed by strong winds and extreme cold,” Mayor Walsh said. “Pay close attention to the forecast, and if you don’t need to be on the roads beginning Saturday night, don’t be. If you do go out, take proper precautions to protect from the cold and wind.”