SYRACUSE, N.Y. – The City of Syracuse has begun work on Phase II of the Creekwalk project, a pedestrian and bicycle trail which currently runs from Onondaga Lake to Armory Square in downtown Syracuse. The 2.2 mile extension, a 13-foot wide, paved asphalt surface adjacent to Onondaga Creek, will connect Walton Street in Armory Square to Colvin Street near Kirk Park West. The City anticipates hosting a community meeting in early summer 2019 to provide updates, allow for a question and answer session, and conduct a tour of key sites located along the Phase II trail.


Phase II work started in February 2019 with clearing of trees and brush along the trail corridor, removing old fencing, and installing silt fence to protect Onondaga Creek from debris. The Department of Public Works picked up 150 tires from the trail and several truckloads of large debris. Trash is also being picked up along the route as part of the project.

The next stages of planned work include grading of the trail; installation of power conduits; and the demolition of four vacant properties located on the 400 block of Temple Street, the 400 block of Midland Avenue, and near the intersection of Bellevue and Midland Avenues. The lots will be turned into green spaces. Additional components to be installed throughout Phase II include:

  • New LED lighting; projected away from residences
  • 20+ security cameras
  • 5 emergency call boxes
  • 2 wheelchair charging stations
  • Trail signage and mileage markers
  • 7 rest/viewing areas

  • Phase II of the project is 80 percent federally funded and 20 percent city funded. Work is expected to be completed in mid-summer 2020. More information about the Creekwalk project can be found at
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    1. It is a excellent thing that the City of Syracuse is thinking about the Southside of the city. This ‘Creekwalk’ can bring back a lot of things that are missing on the southside. I am hoping that it will bring together a lots of the groups on the Southside. I have worked with the city on project for over 50 years, started with the CDAC, TNT, and other groups. I am among the group who suggested the a plaque be placed in City Hall in honor of the group who help started the CDAC and also participated in starting the TNT. I worked with Mayor Lee Alexander all way up to this present administration. And will continue being active with this Great City of ours.
      Thank you for your response to this e-mal.
      Minister Elder of Communication/Encouragement Counseling / JuLaw Consultant Services/Investors…’Master of the Internet’ (JCSI…’MotI) / International Poetry @, ‘Where You Can Write Your Own Story’ / Volunteer with the ‘Give-To-Other Program With Sun Auto Company (Amy & Todd Cuputo), etc.

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