The Syracuse Police Department releases its new Use of Force Policy and other documents related to the investigation of a May 31st arrest on Grace Street. Syracuse Police Chief Kenton Buckner and Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh also announce that on Monday, June 17 at 11 a.m., they will hold a press conference at the Public Safety Building to provide information on the outcome of the investigation.

Along with the new Use of Force policy, which was completed under Chief Buckner’s direction during the first half of this year, the Department is also sharing its existing Use of Force policies; its Body Worn Camera policy; and its policy regarding officer demeanor on traffic stops. These policies served as the basis for the Department’s evaluation of the arrest, and will provide context not only for the upcoming discussion regarding the May 31 arrest, but also for a broader community discussion around the Department’s interactions with the community.

The Department is also providing a section of New York State Civil Rights Law that guides the release of information about police discipline.

“The investigation by our Office of Professional Standards is complete, and now our Department is taking the required procedural steps before sharing more information with the public,” said Chief Buckner. “In advance of that, we want to share additional information that will help to inform the discussion that will occur regarding the arrest.”

The Mayor and the Chief announce that a community forum on use of force has been tentatively scheduled for Friday, June 28. The time and location will be announced at a later date.

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