“Racist incidents have continued to impact our community this week. I’m disgusted by the things that have been written and said, and I am angry that these things are occurring in Syracuse. Hatred is not welcome in Syracuse.

My focus has been on the students, our Syracuse University community and on what we, as a city, can do to protect safety and make sure all feel welcome. The Syracuse Police Department is deploying additional resources for both the investigation and security patrols. Chief Buckner provided an update earlier today and indicated that SPD, in coordination with the University Department of Public Safety and state and federal law enforcement, has assumed responsibility for investigation of the manifesto that appeared last night. Regarding security, we are directing additional patrols to work around and on the University campus.

I am pleased that Chancellor Syverud has issued the University’s response to student demands. I’ve been in regular contact with the Chancellor, and I know he and his team are working around the clock on this situation. The University’s response is an important step in addressing the issues and concerns that exist on campus. I’m also glad that the University will hold a Community Forum on Safety and Student Concerns on Wednesday night. It’s critical that we work together to shout down racism and bigotry in any form it appears and continue to be a city that embraces diversity and creates opportunity for all.”

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