Download the frequently asked questions, “What Syracuse residents should know about Deer Damage Management” below


  1. There are natural grazing paths that deer and other herding animals follow. Why cant we set up areas that allow deer to pass freely, out of harms way of vehicles, away from expensive landscaped yards and plants, living in a ,manner that co-exists with each other, setting up food in areas as needed. We have infringed on their territory. Set up neutering programs. Seems extreme to bait , trick and cull them.

  2. They should extend hunting times. Young kids do t hunt it seems. The oneidas and other Indian tribes own every bit of land that can’t be hunted. People don’t let you on there land anymore. Many factors

  3. If you need a site on Euclid Terrace my home is available. Please come cull all the deer. Thank you.

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