New online map joins portfolio of data-driven tools that includes DataCuse and Online Performance Management dashboard

An interactive map showing the condition of streets across the City of Syracuse is now available at the tip of a finger or click of a mouse. The City, in partnership with the Syracuse Metropolitan Transportation Council (SMTC), launched the new online road ratings map today at It’s based on a visual inspection of the nearly 400 miles of City-owned roads conducted by SMTC earlier this year.

“The roads belong to all of us, so people should be able to see how they are rated. It’s the kind of transparency made possible by being a data-driven city,” said Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh. “Residents can use the system to compare the condition of their own street and other roads they travel frequently. Just as important, having reliable and comparable data on pavement conditions will help us better use our road reconstruction resources and give people a better way to participate in the process.”

SMTC planners used a consistent rating scale and “windshield” survey process established by the New York State Department of Transportation. Each road segment was rated on a scale of 1 – 10, based on the frequency and severity of pavement surface cracking. The assessment ranked 50.72% of city roads in good to excellent condition. It rated 25.73% of city roads as fair and 22.76% as poor. The City released a static map of the road ratings results last month. A written report on the inspection process and results is at

The new web application allows users to click on a road segment, and a pop-up window with the road rating, road attributes, and a photo of the road will appear. The data collected provides a baseline on which roads to prioritize reconstruction and repair in 2020 and beyond.

James D’Agostino, SMTC director, said, “Data such as this helps municipalities plan for their infrastructure maintenance better and allows for planned preservation versus wholesale replacement in a more comprehensive manner. Tracking this data in the coming years will enhance the City’s ability to target their investments in an enhanced way.”

The City plans to have the SMTC complete the full citywide pavement assessment every year, and update the web application accordingly, promoting data-driven decision making. Over time, the pavement data available on the web application can help track infrastructure investments and show the importance of ongoing maintenance efforts.

As part of Mayor Walsh’s commitment to be a data-driven city, Syracuse provides an online performance management website at which presents the City’s performance objectives and progress toward achieving those outcomes. More data, maps and visualizations on the City of Syracuse are also available to the public on the DataCuse portal at

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