Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh released the City of Syracuse 2019 Progress Report, available to the public online. The report offers a summary of advancements made during Mayor Walsh’s second year in office.

“In 2019, we experienced a great deal of progress on our vision of becoming a growing city that embraces diversity and creates opportunity for all,” said Mayor Walsh. “We have seen how working together and establishing unprecedented partnerships in the public, private and non-profit sectors can provide the fuel for our City to surge ahead.”

The report highlights accomplishments according to the Mayor’s four key objectives for the City:  achieve fiscal sustainability; deliver City services efficiently, effectively and equitably; increase economic investment and neighborhood stability; and provide quality constituent engagement and response. Examples in the report include:

  • Fiscal Sustainability – The City, County, and School District partnered to reduce the Medicare Advantage insurance plan cost for prescription drugs that will save $3 million to $5 million for the City.
  • City Services – The Gotcha Syracuse Sync bike share program launched, giving users access to 200 bikes around the City.
  • Economic Investment and Neighborhood Stability – The Bureau of Administrative Adjudication (BAA) was established in 2019. The BAA allows for ticketing for code and zoning violations, increasing accountability and compliance to provide more stable, higher-quality rental homes for families.
  • Constituent Engagement and Response – The Office of Accountability, Performance, and Innovation (API) worked with the Central Permit Office to evaluate and improve permitting functions.

The 22-page document outlined more than 50 programs and initiatives completed or undertaken to improve the City. The full report can be viewed in the Special Reports section of the website.

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