“Governor Cuomo’s proposal is a monumental step forward for the Syracuse Surge. The former Central Tech High School will be home to the state’s first regional high school and worker training center focused on science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. It will be the centerpiece of the Southside Campus for the New Economy in Syracuse and a key part of our strategy to prepare people for the tech job demand already growing in Syracuse. 

It’s an example of what we can accomplish when we collaborate. The Syracuse City School District, Syracuse Common Council, Onondaga County, our State delegation and multiple local partners worked together on a unified plan. The Governor listened to our strategy, and he is taking it to the next level creating a comprehensive education and workforce training center in Syracuse.

Governor Cuomo is leading the charge to make New York State and our region more competitive for the New Economy. He has again demonstrated his support for the Syracuse Surge and his commitment to make New York State a global leader in creating a tech-ready, competitive workforce in New York.”

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