The City of Syracuse will close all outdoor basketball courts to the public. The Department of Parks, Recreation and Youth Programs and Department of Public Works Skilled Trades worked to remove all basketball rims from all park locations by the end of the day, Friday, March 27. In order to facilitate the appropriate social distancing measures and prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), basketball games should be avoided until it is deemed safe by healthcare experts.

Residents are encouraged to continue to utilize City parks in a way that promotes physical and mental health outdoors, while also maintaining healthy and safety measures put in place. Parks issued a reminder that City golf courses are not open for play yet. Pins have been removed and no play should occur.

“If LeBron James and Tiger Woods can take some time, we all can stop working on our games,” Mayor Walsh said this afternoon, referring to the suspension of the NBA and PGA seasons. “We need everyone’s help, young and old, to slow the spread of COVID-19.”

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