The City of Syracuse Department of Engineering is seeking public input for the Solar Street Improvement Project, currently in the preliminary design phase of the engineering process. The scheduled project, anticipated to begin in spring of 2021, includes the full removal and resurfacing of pavement from Hiawatha Boulevard to Bear Street, along with pedestrian enhancements. Plans for the project can be viewed online ( in a slideshow format, while comments can also be submitted through the form section of the project-specific website for consideration in the final design until the closing date of Friday, May 1.

The intersection of Solar Street and Bear Street will receive newly installed pedestrian signals and curb ramps. The pedestrian signals at the intersection of Hiawatha Boulevard and Solar Street will be upgraded, and rectangular rapid flashing beacons will be erected at the mid-block crosswalk adjacent to the Destiny USA driveway. In addition to pedestrian features and a newly paved street, the project will include a new sidewalk enclosure to fill in the gaps along Solar Street, east and west of Bear Street.

Vehicles will still have access to the road while construction is underway. As necessary, traffic will be controlled by flaggers providing wait-and-proceed signals to drivers traveling the two-way street. Pedestrian and bicycle access will remain in place throughout the duration of the project. Driveways will be accessible during the construction period.

Questions related to the project can be addressed to: Mr. Mirza Malkoc, Facilities Engineer, City of Syracuse Department of Engineering, 233 E. Washington Street, Syracuse, NY 13202. Mr. Mirza can also be contacted by phone at 315-448-8210 or by email at


  1. I would say they should prioritize more on repairing damaged roads and sidewalks instead. Also, finding the best Asphalt and Paving Contractor would be ideal for this kind of project.

  2. I think money should be spent on our other roads before this project the only reason this is being done here is because of the mall I think we have catered enough for this area make the rest of our city roads safer and better

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