See a photo album of the #UpstateStrong sendoff

See the moment when the caravan pulled out for the journey to Stony Brook to bring their fight against COVID-19 to downstate.

As a team of SUNY Upstate Medical University nurses deployed to Stony Brook to help care for COVID-19 patients downstate, Mayor Walsh saluted Upstate for its work to save lives here in Syracuse and Central New York and now in other parts of the New York State:

Dr. Mantosh Dewan, interim president at Upstate, and Mayor Walsh were among a safely social distanced team seeing the Upstate nurses off today.

“SUNY Upstate Medical University has been the source of good science, smart planning and deep caring for the people of Syracuse and Central New York as we have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Mayor Walsh. “Upstate took a strong and early leadership position to help our region prepare, and I am certain its work has and will continue to save lives in our community. I am not surprised that a team of Upstate nurses have stepped forward to bring that same commitment to members of our New York State family at Stony Brook. I deeply admire them, wish them well and look forward to having them back home with us soon. Thank you, Upstate.”

Read more from Upstate News about the incredible team of Upstate nurses:

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