Syracuse, we’re so proud of how our city has rallied around our essential workers and volunteers with the #SayThankYou campaign. In this “now normal” the most essential workers are with us at home – our families. They are working while parenting and teaching while learning. They are also experiencing the most disruptive and challenging times in their finances, ability to access loved ones outside of the home, and in caring for each other’s health. Thank you to our city’s hardest working heroes-our families.

We want to hear and share your family stories this week. Send them to us at with a photo or tag us as you post them on each other’s walls. Yes, post them. Share them. Put them in the comments. Whether the story is written by your 3rd grader or you are snapping a pic of your partner trying to understand middle-school math. Right now our families are more essential than ever.

Say thank you to them and we’ll #SayThankYou alongside you.

-Mayor Walsh

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