Liz Hradil is always seeking opportunities to foster her passion for serving others. A recent graduate of SUNY Cortland’s philosophy program, Liz is a critical thinker and works hard to create welcoming community spaces wherever she goes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, her intentions have been no different.

Liz isn’t new to introducing new ideas to local government. She interned in the City’s constituent services office where she worked with the ‘I Support the Girls’ Syracuse chapter. Liz and the chapter partnered to supply premenstrual products in city bathrooms. Now, Liz works for the Department of Assessment. She’s familiar with community challenges and when COVID-19 erupted, she found ways to serve her community at large.

Liz, who works in the city’s Assessment Department, was all in when a friend recruited her to help work Thursday Food Bank giveaways at the Westmoreland Community Center. “It is a genuine pleasure engaging with constituents and fellow city workers and helping the communities I work for” said Liz. “I was once in a position of needing help, so I want to remind you that there is no shame in seeking essential resources like food and groceries…”

The Food Bank’s Pop-Up Pantries are made possible through the collaborative efforts of the City Department of Parks, Recreation & Youth Programs, Rasheada Caldwell of Let Me Be Great, Mercy Works, the Allyn Family Foundation, Abundant Life Christian Center, and the Food Bank of Central New York. The next pop-up giveaway at Westmoreland Park will take place from noon to 2 pm June 18th and June 25th.

The City wants to #SayThankYou to Liz and everyone who is volunteering and rebuilding community one food give-away or volunteer effort at a time. This is a vital time for our city to come together.

If you know a volunteer like Liz who has been lending a helping hand during the COVID-19 pandemic, #SayThankYou to them and share their story with us at

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