The Creekwalk Trail Recently Extended through Kirk Park Offers Residents Easy Connections to New Outdoor Experiences

Extending through Kirk Park is Creekwalk Phase II, a 2.2-mile second leg of the Creekwalk trail along Onondaga Creek. After a 12-year process to create an outdoor space for walking and biking in Syracuse, the opportunity to explore parts of the city while on the trail is now available from the southern end of the city to Onondaga Lake.

The extension of the trail is beautiful and safe. It provides paved access points and markings with newly added features such as: fencing and rails along certain areas of the 4.8 mile path, surveillance cameras in 20 different locations, rest areas, and LED lighting. The trail also features emergency call stations along remote paths along the Creekwalk offering pedestrians and bikers immediate access to first responders when needed.

Kirk Park Highlights

The Creekwalk pedestrian and bike trail adds a natural attraction to the city’s Southside. The walking trail is wide and freeing. The extension from south of Downtown Syracuse now connects Kirk Park, Lower Onondaga Park, the Southside, the Near West Side and Downtown Syracuse, and joins to the existing Creekwalk trail at Armory Square. The continuous trail now reaches 4.8 miles from Onondaga Lake to Kirk Park.  The City is encouraging all Syracusans to explore the new trail this July 4 holiday and return often in the future!

In most areas, the trail is a stand-alone 13-foot wide paved and lighted trail.  On West Street, the existing bike lane has been upgraded and new sidewalks installed.  South of West Street, the trail winds along Onondaga Creek through several large greenspaces and ends at Kirk Park.

Through Kirk Park, the trail highlights the park’s beauty and has long open views of Onondaga Creek.  Access to the Creekwalk is by foot, bike or a new parking lot at Hunt Avenue. First stop on the trail from this south end is a new Onondaga Creek Overlook. providing up close views of Onondaga Creek and its stonework.


  1. This is wonderful . My husband and I walked it on Sunday, July 5. However, we could not find a way to get to the walk from Armory Square.. We drove a bit, parked and continued to Kirk Park. Thanks. We’ll be back

  2. I rode my bike along the Creekwalk Phase 2 today, opening day, July 4th. Before and after, riding on the older pathway between Colvin and Newell, I was very happy to notice that it had been swept–there was almost no glass. It was so much more pleasant to ride there. As I’ve already said, Phase 2 has much to commend it. It is a great transportation and recreation resource for the community.

  3. I love the new part of the Creekwalk and have ridden my bike on it many times already. I expect to be on it for the official opening on July 4th, and I hope many other people are there as well. I imagine that some people (as I do) will also ride the older connecting multi-use path that connects south of Kirk Park, across Colvin St., and down to Newell St. It would be really nice if a crew could clean up the broken glass along that older pathway. There are several patches of it. Especially for those people coming for a first look at the new part of the Creekwalk who may not have been on the older path before, it would be great to make a good first impression. Flat tires from broken glass is not fun! (#BeenThereDoneThat)

  4. This is a wonderful addition to the first phase of the Creekwalk. I’m looking forward to the next phase–continuing down to Dorwin–hopefully sooner rather than later!

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