An Overview

 The Police Accountability/Community Relations fact sheet provides an overview of reform actions taken to improve policing efforts within the Syracuse Police Department (SPD). 






Under the leadership of Chief Kenton Buckner, the appointed candidate after a national search, new policies have been implemented to ensure fair community-police interactions.

Diversity Recruitment
Chief Buckner and the Walsh administration have also placed an emphasis on working to create a police force that is reflective of the community. In addition to diversifying recruits, leadership has focused on setting high standards for training and accreditation. 


Moving Police Internal Review
To assist with accountability related to alleged officer misconduct, staff who investigate complaints received are located in a neutral building alongside the Citizen Review Board.

Police Discipline
Open hearings involving discipline is a process that is being pursued by the administration. In 2019, Mayor Walsh sought to add transparency to misconduct proceedings for officers. The Mayor sought to replace the arbitration process for officers with a public hearing. The State Supreme Court sided with the police union after 10-months in court. The City is appealing the courts decision





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