The City of Syracuse today addressed demands for police reform made by a coalition of stakeholders and protest groups. The response to the “People’s Agenda for Police Reform” also included a timeline to address the issues and referenced actions included in the Mayor’s June 19 Syracuse Police Reform Agenda Executive Order.

“For the past two and a half years, enhancing police accountability and improving police-community relations has been an urgent priority for my administration. We have engaged in an open and inclusive way at every stage of our work, and we are doing so again,” said Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh. “Working with Chief Buckner, we’ve outlined a platform for accountability to the community and a clear foundation for continued progress.”

The response includes actions that have already been completed, as well as others to be addressed in as little as 30 days or over the course of the next six months. The City’s response can be read here. A summary of some of the actions taken under the leadership of Mayor Walsh and Chief Buckner can be viewed online.

In two cases, the Citizen Review Board (CRB) and School Resource Officers (SRO), the Administration indicated it must defer those demands to the appropriate government entity. The CRB was established and is overseen by the Syracuse Common Council. The city is committed to identifying a new model for school safety and security but must engage in a collaborative process with our partners at the Syracuse City School District.

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