City Makes PBA Contracts and Updated SPD Policies Public

In June, Mayor Walsh pledged to make Syracuse Police Department policies publicly available on the SPD website at and available to the public. This included the following:

  • The collection of documents that together comprise the most recent collective bargaining agreement with the Syracuse Police Benevolent Association (PBA)
  • A comprehensive summary of that collection of documents, which Mayor Walsh's administration prepared and presented to the PBA for review and acceptance in 2019
  • The Tentative Agreement reached with the PBA in November 2019, which was not approved by the Syracuse Common Council, and which is now the subject of the impasse resolution process set forth in the New York State Taylor Law.

2021 Final Body-Worn Camera Policy

2021 Final Use of Force Policy

2019 Body-Worn Camera Policy

2019 Interactions with Transgender Individuals

2019 Updated Use of Force Policy

Collection of Police Benevolent Association Bargaining Agreements

Right to Know Policy


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