With the end of the Parking Amnesty program approaching, the City of Syracuse Department of Finance confirmed that all requests for amnesty made by the program close-date of Sept. 25 will be processed.  With two days remaining, the program had yielded more than $420,000 in payments to the City.

Due to the large response to the program, which addresses unpaid parking violations over more than 20 years, the City Payment Center is working through a backlog of inquiries but will ensure every request postmarked or received by the Sept. 25 deadline is processed accordingly. This includes accounts requiring clarification or additional information to resolve the violation.

Responses sent by mail to the Commissioner of Finance at P.O. Box 5211, Binghamton, NY 13802 postmarked prior to the deadline will be applied to the account of each ticket holder.  Payments made through the Drop Box on the Market Street side of City Hall (233 E. Washington Street) by Friday will also be accepted.  Responses should include certified checks or money orders with the license plate or ticket number.

Payments received after the deadline will be applied to the ticket holder’s account, however, fees and penalties will be reinstated.

Questions regarding Amnesty or other Parking Violation concerns can be made by phone to 315-448-8483 or by email to amnesty2020@syrgov.net.


  1. Same situation. Have a letter with no ticket number, no VIN number, and a license plate number I have never owned. Furthermore, I have never parked on a city street in Syracuse. Ever..

    1. Hello. Were you able to contact the phone number or email to inquire about information needed regarding your letter?

    1. Hello, your email will be addressed by a staff person as they work to clear the backlog of inquiries received before the deadline of Sept. 25. It is likely that you received a letter based on DMV information regarding a registered vehicle in your name associated with a ticket. Tickets go back as far as 1997. Thank you.

  2. I received a letter from the amnesty program with my license plate number on it from a vehicle that I owned back in 2003 2004 I owned that vehicle with my ex-husband whose name is not on this for some reason asking me to pay for a ticket that doesn’t give me the ticket number when I called they found seven tickets all of which I have never personally parked in that space whatsoever and the description of the vehicle was for different vehicles When I called the person told me to call motor vehicle in order to figure out which vehicle it was and motor vehicle was not able to help me with that whatsoever so now I still have seven tickets with four different vehicles on one plate number all on the same streets in the Syracuse University area of which I did not park but I’m being charged for it and still to this date with amnesty closing as of today I cannot get any answers as to how to get this cleared up I have called and called and no one will answer the phone I have emailed again. $295 worth of tickets I didn’t produce with a letter asking for $75 but doesn’t say what ticket or tickets will be covered

    1. Thank you for following up on this. If you submit your questions in writing by email before the end of the program at the close of business today, Sept. 25, the City Payment Center has confirmed that all inquiries will be addressed as part of the Amnesty Program. We recommend sending your questions by email at amnesty2020@syrgov.net.

  3. Auto Finishers received a parking violation, License Plate #FRC5769, We never had this plate #. please provide the VIN # of the vehicle, the date and place. This is the second reply to the city.Please notify us

    Auto Finishers

    Paolo Barnaba

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