Executive Order Action #12: Enhance Collaboration with Citizen Review Board

From the Office of Corporation Law

The 12th item on Mayor Walsh’s June 19, 2020 Executive Order on Syracuse Police Reform relates to the Syracuse Police Department’s (SPD) collaboration with the Citizen Review Board (CRB).  The item specifically states: 

12.  Continue to improve collaboration with the Syracuse Citizen Review Board (CRB) to ensure the flow of documents and information as embodied in Local Law No. 11. Further, commit to:

a. Reviewing the disciplinary recommendations presented by the CRB prior to making a final determination of discipline of an officer; and

b. In cases where the Chief issues no discipline, or discipline that is lesser than is that recommended by the CRB, provide to the CRB a written explanation of the reason for such level of discipline or lack thereof.

Since June 19, SPD and CRB representatives have held meetings to discuss how to operationalize this improved communication and have made marked progress.  Further, Chief Buckner has made clear to the CRB in writing that he will not issue discipline prior to receiving a CRB recommendation so that he can fully consider that recommendation.  The CRB hearing process has been temporarily suspended for the last several months due to the COVID-related closure of City buildings, but once CRB hearings resume, items 12(a) and (b) will be fully implemented.

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