Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh announced a new online database to kick off the three-week parking violation amnesty program, beginning Tuesday, Sept. 8 until Friday, Sept. 25. The public can now search for ticket information by license plate or by name on the City of Syracuse Department of Finance Amnesty 2020 page.

With more than 200,000 tickets listed that go as far back as 1997, the City expects to generate $500,000 to $1,000,000 in revenue from resolved tickets.

“The new online database serves as a tool to connect vehicles with overdue parking fines and accrued late fees that may have been neglected or forgotten about,” said Mayor Walsh. “I encourage everyone with unpaid parking tickets to take advantage of the program.”

In early September, parking amnesty notices were mailed to addresses with ticketed vehicles registered in New York State. Out-of-state vehicles that have tickets that remain unpaid prior to the Sept. 8 can also qualify to have late fees forgiven.

To qualify for amnesty, tickets:

  • can already be on a payment plan;
  • are eligible even if no amnesty notice was received;
  • cannot already be included in a bankruptcy proceeding; or
  • cannot be a part of a civil judgment already rendered.

An index of dates and ticket numbers, along with the original fine amount compared to the amount owed with the late fees is provided for each name and license plate number. The public is able to view an itemized list with the total number of tickets and payoff sum to be addressed before the amnesty period ends.

All vehicles with license plates that have outstanding tickets over 90 days old after the program ends will be subject to be booted and/or towed, with the owner referred to a collection agency.

Payment methods accepted throughout the amnesty program will be by cash, money order, certified checks, credit card or e-Checks only. To make a payment electronically using a credit card or e-Check, the public will need the ticket number to pay online at or by phone by calling 315-990-9200. Certified checks payable to the “Commissioner of Finance” with the plate number included on the check can be mailed to: Commissioner of Finance at P.O. Box 5211, Binghamton, NY 13802; certified checks, money orders or cash (exact change only) can be placed in the Drop Box on the Market Street side of City Hall (233 E. Washington Street).

Questions regarding the amnesty program can be directed by phone to 315-448-8483 or by email to


  1. Auto Finishers received a parking violation (License Plate FRC5769) In the last 15 years we never had that License Plate #. Can you please give me the year, make, & model of the vehicle as well as the location and date where the violation occurred.

    Thank You,
    Annette Barnaba,
    AutoFinishers Supply Co of Syracuse, Inc.

    1. Thanks for taking these steps to follow up. To address your concern, please take these steps: 1) Go to and look up additional information (including make, color, location of ticket) about the ticket 2) if that doesn’t answer your concern, please email the question to or call (315)448-8483. Call volume is high so email may be more convenient. Thank you.

  2. I received letter stating I owe a 50.00 parking ticket. Of course no info about ticket just a plate #. I went to the site they say to check it a found no tickets with either my name or the specified plate #. I am not going to pay 50.00 for something that I can’t verify. Money is too tight in this economy to just take a letter a face value & send money. How can I research this ticket?

    1. Thank you for following up on this matter. If you have not done so already, please go to and look up additional information about the ticket. If you are not able to address your concern by reviewing the information in the database, please email the question to or call (315)448-8483. Call volume is high so email may be more convenient. Thank you.

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