Reinstallations will occur on phased-in basis to monitor usage and COVID-19 conditions

The City of Syracuse Department of Parks, Recreation & Youth Programs will begin the reinstallation of the basketball rims at city parks beginning the week of March 29. The rims were taken down in Syracuse and other communities last year to reduce the risk of COVID-19.

Rims will be installed on a phased-in basis over the course of three weeks. The approach will allow the Parks Department to monitor usage and local, state and federal health requirements and to adjust the reinstallation schedule if necessary.

“Basketball is important to people of all ages in our community, especially our youth, and it has positive effects on the health and well-being of our residents,” said Commissioner Julie LaFave. “We ask all users of our courts to follow safety guidelines. We want the rims to remain in place and our courts to be enjoyed by all once again.”

The City maintains 39 outdoor basketball courts throughout the city of Syracuse. The planned schedule is:

Week of March 29

              •            Burnet Park

              •            Kirk Park

              •            McChesney Park

              •            Thornden Park

Week of April 5

              •            Barker Square Playlot

              •            Barry Park

              •            Clinton Playlot

              •            Eastwood Heights

              •            Lewis Park

              •            Lincoln Park

              •            Onondaga Park (Upper)

              •            Roesler Park

              •            Skiddy Park

              •            Sunnycrest Park

              •            Washington Park

Week of April 12

              •            Comfort Tyler Park

              •            Home Wheaton Park

              •            Libba Cotten Grove Park

              •            McKinley Park

              •            Ormand Spencer Park

              •            Schiller Park

              •            Spirit of Jubilee Park

              •            Westmoreland Park

              •            Wilson Park

      •            Van Duyn School

      •           Dr. Weeks School

Health and safety guidelines will be posted at each court. Consistent with requirements in local youth sports activities, face coverings must be worn at all times and social distancing must be observed on and around courts.  All court users and park visitors are requested to follow guidelines.

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