Walsh says goal is to “change behavior” on a practice that hurts quality of life citywide

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh announced the Department of Public Works (DPW) will increase the fine for illegal setouts to reduce the number of violations across the city. In an effort to deter the improper setouts of trash and debris, the fine and administrative charge will increase to $325. It is a 40% increase over the current $225 total.

“The decision to increase the fine for illegal setouts is about changing behavior not generating revenue,” said Mayor Walsh. “We need property owners and residents to follow the guidelines so we can work together to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods.”

Setouts that are illegal include:

  • trash on the curb outside of the scheduled collection day by DPW’s sanitation crews;
  • debris not properly contained in 30-gallon trash cans or 30-gallon sealed bags;
  • debris exceeding 2 cubic-yards; and
  • a mixture of waste that should be separated/compiled according its type (i.e. construction debris, household waste, brush, etc.)

In October 2020, Mayor Walsh appointed Sam Perry as the new Public Works Inspector to address illegal setouts of trash and debris. The fine increase will add to the tools in place to help keep city neighborhoods clean, while maintaining the natural aesthetic appeal in each area. Perry’s role will also serve to educate residents about what kind of materials to leave out for collection and when, in addition to the amount and how much waste can be discarded.

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