Walsh issues Notice of Nuisance Abatement to address immediate public safety issues; takes action in Supreme Court to enforce code violations; and, declares property unfit to withhold publicly-funded rent payments

City’s actions are structured to prevent tenant disruption at the 365-unit apartment complex while holding Green National fully accountable

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh announced new enforcement actions to compel Green National, the owner and property manager of Skyline Apartments, to correct health and safety conditions at the complex. The City’s actions demand that Green National implement comprehensive security measures and correct code violations.

If Green National fails to act in a swift, comprehensive manner the company will face additional fines; the withholding of publicly-funded rent payments; and the appointment of a receiver to manage the property. The new actions, which come after a tragic murder at the property last week, are also structured to prevent disruption of tenants at the 365-unit facility on James Street.

“Despite a relentless battle to hold Green National accountable, living conditions for the tenants at Skyline remain unacceptable, and that will not be tolerated. We are using new approaches to force improvements while preventing tenant disruption,” said Mayor Walsh. “We will use all of our administrative authority and take Green National back to court to ensure Skyline residents can feel safe and healthy in their homes.”

The Mayor said the City is pursuing three levels of enforcement against Green National:

Nuisance Abatement Order – The city Law Department is serving Green National with a Notice of Public Nuisance and Opportunity to Abate Public Nuisance. The order applies to the common areas and stairwells of the structure so that residents can remain in their living units. The notice cites 12 qualifying drug, weapons or assault arrests at Skyline over the past two years. The Order compels Green National to make security upgrades to the facility, including new locking systems, 24/7 security inside, and security cameras throughout the facility. The order will allow for new fines; receivership by the City; and, if necessary, criminal charges to ensure compliance.

State Supreme Court Action – The City will file a petition in State Supreme Court to seek a judgment against Green National to compel the company to correct all open code violations under the New York State Property Conservation Code.

Unfit Declaration – Based on recent inspections that found feces, urine and syringes in the public spaces and a return visit last Friday, the City is designating the common areas of the building as unfit for occupancy. The designation clears the path for Onondaga County to withhold rental payments for tenants made by the Department of Social Services – Economic Security. Under the declaration, Green National will need to clean, remove these items and maintain clean and sanitary conditions.

The new actions increase the consequences for Green National if it fails to comply, following nearly two years of prior code violations, fines and court actions undertaken by the City, the Mayor said.

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