Walsh says City will “pursue every available avenue to hold Green Skyline accountable”

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh announced today that a New York State Supreme Court judge ruled in favor of the City’s request for a $3,700 judgment against Green Skyline, LLC, the owners of Skyline Apartments. The ruling comes after Mayor Walsh and city lawyers took Green Skyline to court to hold the company accountable for code violations related to the building elevators.

Judge James Murphy ruled that Green National must pay $100 per day for each of the 37 days it has had non-compliant elevators at the Skyline, a 365-unit apartment complex at 753 James St. Green Skyline failed to appear at the court proceeding today.

“The City will pursue every avenue it can to hold Green Skyline accountable for failing to provide safe and quality housing for tenants at the Skyline Apartments. This is not the first time we have won judgments against this company, and it won’t be the last if that is what it takes,” said Mayor Walsh. “Code Enforcement, Fire and Police are monitoring conditions in the complex, and we are continuing to ensure compliance with the Nuisance Abatement Notice and the Unfit declaration. We won’t stop until Green Skyline meets its obligations to residents and the City.”

On Mar. 22, Mayor Walsh announced it would file a petition in State Supreme Court to seek a judgment against Green National to compel the company to correct the elevator code violation under the Syracuse Property Conservation Code. It filed the case on March 25.

In addition, the City issued a Nuisance Abatement Notice at the Mayor’s direction to Green Skyline compelling the company to make security improvements at Skyline.  The Mayor also declared the common areas in the building unfit for occupancy. The designation, which is still in place, cleared the path for Onondaga County to withhold rental payments for tenants made by the Department of Social Services – Economic Security.

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