Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh announced the release of a new fact sheet regarding the proposed Municipal Sidewalk Maintenance Program. The Syracuse Common Council will consider the proposed program at its May 10 meeting.

“Since becoming Mayor, I have introduced a pilot municipal sidewalk snow removal program and worked to improve the quality of our sidewalks,” said Mayor Walsh. “This proposed program takes the next step forward in creating a City that is safer and easier to get around for everyone who lives here. I am hopeful it gets timely consideration by the Common Council.”

Click on the image to read the full fact sheet.

Under the proposed Municipal Sidewalk Maintenance Program, the City of Syracuse will take responsibility for sidewalks in the second half of 2021. In the first year of the program, there will be no cost to property owners. Fees will be introduced on a phased-in basis over the following five years.

According to the fact sheet, “Sidewalks are a public good. Whether we have one in front of our house or not, sidewalks make the City safer and more enjoyable. Enhancing accessibility is a benefit to residents, property owners and businesses throughout the City and will help improve health and safety, the local economy, and quality of life.”

Mayor Walsh cited a municipal sidewalk maintenance program as a priority in his State of the City addresses in 2020 and 2021. The proposal was delayed due to the pandemic in 2020. The Council Public Works Committee reviewed the proposed program at a meeting on March 23.

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