Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh is proposing nine American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) investments to help the City of Syracuse and its residents continue recovering from the pandemic. The Syracuse Common Council will review the proposals at its July 28 regular study session.

The funding proposals include rental assistance; small business support; vacant property stabilization and demolition; water infrastructure; and large scale urban tree planting. The expenditures total $22 million which is about 18% of the $123 million in ARPA relief designated for Syracuse.

“The effects of COVID-19 continue to impact our City, and people need help now. With the Common Council’s oversight, we are moving quickly to get our pandemic relief funds working for our residents,” said Mayor Walsh. “This second round of ARPA investments going to the Council will assist people and businesses in the City, strengthen our neighborhoods and make our infrastructure more resilient for our residents.”

The new ARPA proposals were included in the Mayor Walsh’s comprehensive ARPA Strategy released in early June:

  • Greater Syracuse Land Bank for strategic property stabilization and demolition of targeted properties within designated census tracts – $5 million
  • Syracuse Economic Development Corporation to provide financial assistance to small businesses for equitable access to operating capital, encourage investments in commercial properties and creation of jobs in the City – $4 million
  • Pandemic related rental assistance to expand availability to households making up to 100% of the area median income – $1 million

Five major water infrastructure projects including the extension of the intake pipe for drinking water from Skaneateles Lake – $10 million

  • Urban Forest Master Plan to grow, protect and care for Syracuse’s tree canopy including planting more than 3,600 new trees in city neighborhoods – $2 million

Pending study session review, the items will be scheduled for Council action at its next regular meeting on Monday, Aug. 2.

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