Syracuse, N.Y. – The City of Syracuse will more than double the miles of roads it will repave this construction season.  The major increase in road work is made possible by an infusion of $7.25 million in New York State Touring Routes funding to the City, according to Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh and New York State Assembly Transportation Chair William Magnarelli.

The increase means, weather permitting, an additional 14 miles of repaving work in neighborhoods across the City. The Department of Public Works initially targeted ten miles of road reconstruction this year.  

“Our road reconstruction team is rolling again this summer. They’re repaving major roads and neighborhood streets all over the City,” said Mayor Walsh.  “This additional state support means we will be able to complete about two seasons of work in one year. I thank Assemblyman Magnarelli and all of the members of our state delegation for making this funding available. The impact of Touring Routes funds will be felt for many years to come across the City.”

Mayor Walsh and Assemblyman Magnarelli announced the new Touring Routes funding at the corner of Cleveland Avenue and Warham Street.

The State Legislature authorized $100 million in Touring Routes funds in the state’s 2021-22 fiscal year budget. The funds go to cities, towns and villages to enhance  the physical condition of roadways, create jobs and enhance local economic competitiveness.

 “Bad road conditions are not just an annoyance. They are a safety issue that can cause personal injuries and property damage, deterring residents from their daily routes and making life in general  more difficult. Investing in our local infrastructure is an excellent way of helping our localities and increasing the flow of goods and people safely,” said Assemblyman Magnarelli, who represents the 128th Asembly District. “New York State has invested $100 million in the Touring Routes Program that will fund reconstruction on our cities, towns and village roads, not just state routes, but for any roads throughout the state to serve the residents better.”

The Department of Public Works is recommending the following city streets for reconstruction using Touring Routes funding to the Syracuse Common Council at its Aug. 18 study session:

Ballard Ave.MLKCortland Ave.
Bellevue Ave.Velasko Rd.City Line
Brattle Rd.Sedgwick Dr.Dewitt St.
Butternut St.State St.Grant Blvd.
Clarendon St.Westcott St.Ackerman Ave.
Clarendon St.Ackerman Ave.Ostrom Ave.
Cleveland Ave.Grant BlvdFirst North St.
Court St.Sunset Ave.7th North St.
Crawford Ave.Meadowbrook Dr.Scottholm Blvd.
Croly St.East Fayette St.East Genesee St.
Cumberland Ave.East Genesee St.Dead End
Dearborn Pl.MLKBlaine St.
East Beard Ave.State St.South Salina St.
Genant Dr.Spencer St.Kirkpatrick St.
Genant Dr.Court St.Bear St.
Helen St.Park St.Sidney St.
Hurlburt Rd.Brookford Rd.East Gennesee St.
Kirk Ave.Midland Ave.South Salina St.
Lancaster Ave.Euclid Ave.Hertford St.
Lodi St.Butternut St.1-690 Overpass
Madison St.South Beech St.Irving Ave.
Matty Ave.Park Ave.Wilkinson Ave.
Park St.Butternut StreetWashington Square
Shuart Ave.Teall Ave.Sedgwick St.
South Ave.Rockland Ave.East Bissell St.
South Salina St.West Newell St.West Lynhurst Ave.
South Salina St.West Lynhurst Ave.House 3800
South Salina St.East Seneca Trpk.City Line
Seymour St.Oswego St.West St.
West Lafayette Ave.Midland Ave.SouthSalina St.
Warner Ave.South Salina St.Cannon St.
West St.West Fayette St.Midblock

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