Mayor says City’s inclusive and transparent approach will continue

Syracuse, N.Y. – Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh announced the final steps the City of Syracuse intends to take toward the creation of the future “Heritage Park” in Downtown Syracuse. The Mayor’s process provides for maximum community input and allows for the completion of all administrative requirements before any final determination is reached.

Heritage Park is the working name for a community project to reimagine the existing St. Mary’s Circle (also known as Columbus Circle) and the area across Onondaga Street, known as the Powelson Site. The project developed after Mayor Walsh announced his intent last October to relocate and preserve the Columbus Statue and related elements. He also envisioned the creation of a larger heritage and education site that celebrates the contributions of our richly diverse community and maintains a permanent tribute to Italian Americans at the center of the Circle. 

“Stakeholders representing a wide range of perspectives have engaged in this issue for the past three-and-a-half years. I deeply appreciate their caring participation. As another Columbus Day approaches, I want the community to fully understand the steps that will be taken to create the Heritage Park and address the longstanding challenge at the Circle,” said Mayor Walsh. “There will be no changes without taking the appropriate procedural steps.”

The Mayor committed that he would follow the steps in state and local law prior to any changes to the Circle. The process the City will follow includes six steps:

  1. Conclusion of Heritage Park Advisory Commission Process
  2. City Parks preparation of the Heritage Park Plan
  3. Syracuse Public Arts Commission (“SPAC”) Review
  4. City Planning Commission (“CPC”) Review
  5. Syracuse Landmark Preservation Board (“LPB”) SEQR Review and Vote
  6. Final Administration Determination and Design

The Walsh administration posted a summary of the community engagement conducted to date regarding the Heritage Park and the final procedural steps to be followed to complete the project at Recommendations and design concepts from the Heritage Park Advisory Commission are expected before the end of 2021 and will be addressed according to the required procedural steps.


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