Syracuse, NY– Mayor Walsh and Chief Buckner announced updates to the City of Syracuse’s implementation of the Right to Know law. The changes increase transparency and accountability in police-community interactions. 

As part of the City’s response to the New York State Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative, and in accordance with the Right to Know law, the City published the following information on its Reporting Progress microsite:

  • FY2021 Q2 Syracuse Police Investigative Encounters Report

Online Viewing:

Download Excel: 

  • Documentation of the Right to Know law as passed by the Syracuse Common Council
  • Syracuse Police Department Right to Know Policy 434.1
  • Onondaga Gun Involved Violence Elimination (GIVE) Model VIII Violence Diversion Plan

The microsite also contains letters transmitted to the Common Council on July 30 and Aug. 12.

“Posting of this data online is another step forward in improving police-community relations and enhancing police accountability. Our commitment is to make sure we are getting the data right making it easy for people to access and understand,” said Mayor Walsh. “By providing this information, we can increase trust and confidence around police interactions.”

The Right to Know law centers around making sure that people have access to information about interactions with police. Mayor Ben Walsh and Syracuse Police Chief Buckner encourage residents to review the information to better understand how Syracuse Police is complying with the law.

“​I would first like to thank the team here at SPD that worked tirelessly to accomplish this goal.  Accountability and transparency have been a main priority for my administration and I believe this moves us in the right direction,”​ said Chief Kenton Buckner.

In Mayor Walsh’s Syracuse Police Reform Executive Order, Action No.1, the administration committed to “review, revise and amend the policies and procedures of the Syracuse Police Department” to incorporate the principles of the New York City Right to Know law into Syracuse Police policies and procedures. The Right to Know law was passed by the Syracuse Common Council on October 13, 2020.

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