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The Walsh Administration is presenting to the Syracuse Common Council a new five-year Services Agreement with Syracuse University. Under the agreement, the University voluntarily agrees to provide financial and other support to assist the City in addressing the services and assistance provided to the University and the surrounding neighborhoods.  In addition to the annual payment and in-kind services, the agreement recognizes the wide range of educational, cultural, financial and other benefits the University provides to the city and its residents.

Services Agreement Annual Payment:

  • Total agreement provides $11 million in revenue to the City over five years
  • University will increase its annual payment to the City from $1 million to $2 million in first four years

Agreement Period:

  • 2021-2026

Other University Support and Benefits:

  • Maintains in-kind services outlined in the prior agreement, including contributions to the Syracuse City School District, public safety, parks maintenance, and community services by multiple SU schools and colleges
  • Adds additional in-kind services valued at approximately $465,000
  • University will continue to fund the University Neighborhood Service Agreement at $500,000. This payment is in addition to the Services Agreement.  Funds are distributed to University area community organizations to support programs and services in the neighborhoods around the University
  • University will provide maintenance (sidewalks, overgrowth, tree pruning)  around a portion of Thornden Park along Ostrom Avenue
  • A portion of the payment under the new agreement (about $35K) will be credited to fees the University will be assessed under the new municipal sidewalk program

Additional City Services Under the Agreement:

  • Pedestrian safety on Ostrom Avenue near Thornden Park
  • Provide assistance related to the permitting process
  • Hire an additional code inspector to be assigned to University area
  • Add Schine Student Center and South Campus as training rotations for Police Cadets
  • Estimated cost of new City services in agreement is approximately $150,000

History of Services Agreement:

  • City entered first services agreement with the University in 1994
  • University payment in 2016 was $800,000 increasing $50,000 annually over five years to $1 million
  • Agreement included University Neighborhood Service Agreement payment, in-kind services and other support to the City and its residents
  • University is the only non-profit making a voluntary services payment to the City of Syracuse

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