During LGBTQ+ History Month in October, Mayor Walsh announced the members of the new LGBTQ+ Advisory Board to the City of Syracuse. The 19 appointees responded to an open call for nominations this summer.

Mayor Walsh joined with community members on June 26 to announce the creation of the LGBTQ+ Advisory Board.

The members are:

  • Mattie Cerio
  • Alex Cimino
  • Kim Dill
  • Gloria Gaye
  • Barrie Gewanter
  • Susan Horn
  • Coran Klaver
  • Chris Kukenberger
  • Mallory Livingston
  • Jimmy Monto
  • Anne Montreal
  • Stacy Myers
  • M. Catherine Richardson
  • John Rushing
  • Leonardo Sanchez
  • Rahzie Seals
  • Michael Sgro
  • Nick Stamoulacatos
  • Raymond Stazzone

The Mayor charged the group with ensuring the issues, concerns and opportunities facing LGBTQ+ people in Syracuse are kept visible and addressed by city government and the community. The Advisory Board will serve as a liaison between Syracuse’s LGBTQ+ community, the Mayor and citywide departments.

“I was honored to join this group for its first meeting and to hear firsthand about their experiences and their commitment to making Syracuse a stronger and more inclusive city,” said Mayor Walsh. “Too often, the interests and concerns of our LGBTQ+ community have gone overlooked. The Advisory Board will help to change that and ensure we are living up to our vision of being a growing city that embraces diversity and creates opportunity for all.”

Michael Sgro and Leonardo Sanchez will serve as co-chairs of the Board. The group will be assisted by Deputy Mayor Owens with the help of Emma Spector, the LGBTQ+ Liaison for the Mayor’s Office, and Officer Marlena Jackson, the LGBTQ+ Liaison for the Syracuse Police Department.

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