Statement by Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh Regarding Common Council Approval of Syracuse University Services Agreement

“Syracuse took another important step forward on the path to fiscal sustainability today.  The five year services agreement with Syracuse University will provide $11 million in revenue to the City of Syracuse, as well as a wide range of other community benefits and in-kind assistance.  At my request to Chancellor Syverud, the University agreed to increase its annual services payment from $1 million to $2 million and continue to provide an additional $500,000 annually for the neighborhood through the University Neighborhood Services Agreement Advisory Committee (UNSAAC). SU’s voluntary support for the City is the kind of collaboration we need to strengthen Syracuse’s fiscal condition.

I have deep appreciation for the assistance provided by our neighborhood partners and for the concerns expressed by some in the Thornden Park area.  I assure those neighbors and all city residents that the agreement protects the City’s complete control over Thornden and Walnuts parks, where SU will provide maintenance help only with approval of the Parks Department.  I thank the Common Council for its due diligence and thorough consideration of the agreement.  I also express my appreciation to Chancellor Syverud and the entire University community for its continued support for the City of Syracuse.”

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