Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh announced a State Supreme Court judge signed an order enforcing security requirements imposed by the City of Syracuse at Skyline Apartments.  The order is based on a stipulation reached between the City and Green National, the owner of the James Street complex, following the City’s request on May 10 for expedited action by the court. The judge had issued a temporary order requiring Green National meet security requirements.

“The urgent action we took is helping to achieve our goal of ensuring Skyline residents have a safe place to live,” said Mayor Walsh.  “We now have the weight of the Court behind us going forward to ensure compliance with the provisions of the stipulation, including security requirements.”

The agreement approved by the judge mandates that Green National have two New York State certified security officers deployed on the premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in addition to the off-duty Syracuse Police Department detail that is already employed at Skyline.  In addition, the company must complete the installation of surveillance cameras in the stairwells of the complex by August 1 and hold quarterly tenant meetings. 

In the stipulation, Green National confirmed it has plans to sell the Skyline Apartment complex and any new owner will be obligated to comply with the security requirements. The stipulation also requires that Green National correct outstanding code violations issued by the City by the established compliance or court ordered due dates.  Green National must pay the City $1,500 in fines.

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