A New Story: the special policy initiatives that make up the work+progress of our resurgent city.

“The Syracuse we are building is magnetic.”

Mayor Ben Walsh

Tech tourism is growing. Families are moving to Syracuse neighborhoods. Nonprofit and private-sector partnerships are re-engaging in with our scholars more than ever. There is alignment between the City, the County, and New York State. What we are achieving through large engagement and strategic partnership is surging our city into the forefront as a leader in thought and action, an innovator, an influencer of a buzzing trend: (1) that second cities do exist and cities can come back from the mistakes of following the blueprints of the past instead of taking responsibility for their own growth, and (2) opportunity can and should be for all…it is here.


FAQs about


Why do I hear about more “initiatives” than the ones listed?

This page is focused on major initiatives named for the breadth of partnership and resources needed to realize meaningful and desirable impact: policy initiatives. These policy initiatives are realization of citizen engagement, global partnerships, and our collective work as a 2100+ person workforce working on annual projects to contribute to city operations each year. As our various projects grow into strategic opportunities, we’ll update this list so you can see what we see: a surge of new opportunity and life for our city.

Why are there names listed other than city government officials?

Imagine that to buy new software, city government must get it approved in a budget, get the money, bid it out, negotiate a contract, and then 1 year later the software is purchased, not even implemented. Things at the government level take time so we have partners to help us take advantage of the opportunities of today.

We are deeply appreciative of our partners. These partnerships require everyone to grab a huge corner of responsibility and collectively lift it to elevate our city to extraordinary heights. 

How do I lend my expertise to an initiative?

Contact the names of the individual listed below the initiative.  

What happens to these initiatives when Mayor Walsh leaves office?

Great question. We know that change on this scale requires partnership, people, and policy. That’s why these initiatives are all anchored by MOUs with non-governmental partners and a large component of public engagement to ensure that outcomes create opportunity for all for years to come.

How can we see the progress of initiatives?

A few places.