A construction training, workforce development and local hiring program launched by Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh

What is Syracuse Build?

Syracuse Build is a partnership, led by the City of Syracuse, connecting local government, anchor institutions and construction firms to a coordinated network of community, training and workforce partners. Based on San Francisco’s CityBuild Workforce Development Program, Syracuse Build uses a partnership approach to break down silos and holistically address the needs of employers and job seekers, while removing barriers that prevent both of these groups from reaching their full potential.  The partnership is led by a steering committee, driven by local government and anchor partners and will operate with transparency and accountability to the broader community.


Syracuse’s construction boom – driven by continued development in the urban core, the University Hill, the impending construction of the Community Grid, and implementation of Syracuse Surge and Blueprint 15 – will result in career opportunities for diverse city residents in construction related fields.


Who’s Involved?

Anchor Project Partners

City of Syracuse
Onondaga County
Syracuse University
SUNY Upstate Medical University

Employers– Anchor Partners and “General” and “Sub” contractors that are constructing anchor-sponsored projects

Training Providers– providing skill-based and academic training that aligns with employer demand

The Building Trades– organized labor that offers long-term benefits and job stability to workers 

Workforce system partners– who support unemployed workers and can provide resources and benefits

Community Partners– a network of community-based organizations that are helping recruit and refer job seekers into programs; support them along their journeys; and provide support services, as needed, in the legal and financial arenas

Advocacy Groups — Play a vital role in ensuring representation and opportunities for all Syracuse residents.

Wrap-around service providers – of legal assistance, financial advisory services, etc.   

Work Train– Supporting start up phase, fundraising and providing technical assistance; infusing flexible capital to ensure effective collaboration, continuous improvement and sustainability

What careers are we targeting?

Construction-related jobs on large-scale anchor projects

Positions with smaller firms, who are working on smaller (largely residential) projects funded by the City and County Internal positions in construction-related fields with Anchor Project Partners

Jobseekers can access training partners through community partners who will offer assessment and program referrals. Specialized training in contracting and construction will offer jobseekers a pathway to trade unions and projects with anchor partners.

Steering Committee —Syracuse University —City of Syracuse —Onondaga County—SUNY Upstate Medical University — Work Train/CenterState CEO — CNY Works —SUNY Educational Opportunities Center —Urban Jobs Task Force —CNY Business/Minority Contractors Association — Building & Construction Trades Council —Carpenters Local 277

For more information on Syracuse Build, contact CNY Works.