1. I cannot get information about my ticket online or by phone. I do not see a ticket number so I can’t pay online and no one answers the phone.Please help.

    1. Hello. Were you able to leave a message or send an email regarding your need for additional information?

  2. Seems we all have the same problem if anyone comes up with info please post it up none of the phone numbers work

  3. Unable to get information by phone….or web sites that I went to…the license plate number is not on the list ..I have no ticket number…and am unable to pay because I don’t want to owe something I am not able to discuss…please help with this matter…thank you in advance for helping with this matter…

  4. Please give me more information regarding my parking tickets. I don’t even recognize one of the plate #’s. I need clarification of where and when the tickets were issued. AUJ8694 and AYF7968.

  5. I have never been to Syracuse in my life. I went to web site to look up plate, which may have been mine but I couldn’t find the plate or my name. I have lived in NC for over 11 years and have been in SC for 4 years, I would like more info before I pay ticket

      1. I have been back to the website and still can not locate my name or plate number. My letter that I received does not have a ticket number so I can not go any further by paying by my computer or by phone. Calling the numbers listed no one answers or do they call you back in the time they say they would they dont call at all. I need a way to look up this ticket which i dont believe is mine. at least I need the ticket number

  6. I am not aware of a parking ticket for Syracuse. I havre lived in Floria for the past 12 yrs. Your reference my licenser plate # as CAY5949, but do not give me any dates or ticket #, therefore; without the ticket # I can not pay on line.

    1. Hello, please check your email for the information that could be found related to the plate number you have noted. Thank you.

  7. Please give me more info on the ticket. No date or where I my car was parked. Is it possible for make of car?
    Plate # CVG7829. Thank you.

    Tried to find online but it wouldn’t let me get to name or plate #

  8. my daughter pass away 01/21/20 what date were this ticket issue i drop off here dead cerificate to city hall is there anything else i suppose to do

    1. Hello,

      Very sorry for your loss. In this case, if the ticket is in the name of someone who has since passed away, I have been informed that it will likely be handled in the same way other debt in the person’s name is handled. Please do contact 315-448-8483 or email amnesty2020@syrgov.net to see if more detailed information can be provided. Thank you.

  9. I do not and never have owned a car with the license plate number in this notice. Please correct and advise.

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